Alan Jay Sufrin

Alan Jay Sufrin

A bit about Alan Jay Sufrin

Some time in September of 2005, Prince appeared to Alan Jay Sufrin in a dream.  In this dream, Prince told him to do the following three things: (1) go out and buy his newest album, which at the time was 3121, (2) purchase tickets to the Blue Man Group show in Chicago, and (3) buy a very specifically described sky-blue, men’s dress shirt with a white design on it.  

Not normally in the habit of following orders received in dreams, Alan ignored it at first.  It just didn’t make sense; at the time of Prince’s appearance, Alan Jay Sufrin was an accomplished Midwestern acoustic folk singer-songwriter who had already begun developing a large and happy local Chicago fan base for a few years.  
But you don’t ignore The Artist.  Alan soon found himself constantly listening to, and reading articles about, both Prince and the Blue Man Group.  He purchased some computer-music software and before long he was combining his own folk background with his new influences.

In June 2006 Alan Jay Sufrin released his first solo EP, Folky American Pop, and has since been making music and honing his craft as a singer/songwriter/producer.  His latest project, a duo with acclaimed singer-songwriter Miriam Brosseau known as “Stereo Sinai,” is lending renewed relevance to ancient Jewish texts by taking original Hebrew, Yiddish, and Aramaic verses and mixing them with synthesized pop arrangements they call “Biblegum Pop.”  Learn more about Stereo Sinai at  

Alan Jay Sufrin and Stereo Sinai are already making their mark on the local and international music scene.  The group won the 2008 Tibera Battle of the Bands, and it has been featured at Chicago landmarks the Chicago Cultural Centerand the Cubby Bear.  Most recently, Stereo Sinai representedChicago at the 2008 International Jewish Music Festival Competition in Amsterdam.  Alan is also currently showcased on the soundtrack to the novel Candy in Action by Matthue Roth.

And Prince, if you’re reading this, Alan is still looking for just the right blue shirt…

Alan Jay Sufrin and Stereo Sinai are self-managed music projects unaffiliated with any music label. The band is always on the lookout for new opportunities for bookings and radio play.  Alan and Stereo Sinai can be contacted here or at info[at]